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Health Camps in Villages

After establishing Administrative office at Guntur, we have conducted an initial survey of all the villages in Guntur district. Subsequently we have conducted the 1st medical camp in Takkellapadu village on 20th Feb, 2007 wherein about 236 patients were treated.

During the year 2007, we have conducted all together 193 medical and health camps in Takkellapadu, Kantheru, Burudaguntapalli, Ayyannaguntapalli, Chiluvuru, Gorantla, Chemallamudi, AIRTDS- Tenali, China Kakani, Mutluru, Chekuru, Uppalapadu, Marripalem, Ilavaram, Komali, Bramhanbakoduru, Inturu, Mollapalem, Alluru, Bapatla-Railpet, Bapatla-S.C.Hostels, Katrapadu, Kornepadu, Guntur District Jail, Gurukula Patasala S.C.Hostel-Bapatla, NTR colony-Nambur, Nehrunagar- Vatticherukuru, Don Bosco-PT Parru, Andhra Muslim College and Warrangal Central Jail and have treated about 95000 – 100000 patients and have provided medicines. We are providing medicines manufactured by well reputed multinational companies such as Ranbaxy, Cipla, Cadila, SKF etc,. We are also providing vitamins to pregnant women and vitamin deficiency children, regularly at each camp. We are providing nutrition and basic amenities for HIV children at Kattevaram , Tenali.

Apart from conducting medical and health camps in the villages, we are also conducted health camps, for the inmates of Warangal Central Jail and Guntur District Jail.

All the medical and health camps are being conducted by a team of Doctors, Nurses and Paramedical staff of Global Helping Hands Inc., who have specialized in treating communicable diseases, E.N.T problems, Diabetes, General Health and Ophthalmology.

We conduct tests like ECG, Blood Sugar, High Blood Pressure for the patients. Our health and medical camps are concentrating more on treating patients suffering from Diabetes, Hypertension, Anemia, T.B., and vitamin deficiency. According to WHO reports, people affected by diabetes are increasing very rapidly in India, even affecting children in the age group of 8-9 years. By year 2010 one in every 5 will have full blown diabetes. The complications of diabeties and hypertension have far reaching long term effect on families and economy of the nation as a whole.

We have also diagnosed and found that majority of the people in Guntur district are suffering from Hypertension, Anemia, T.B and Vitamin deficiency. We are conducting rapid tests, for all the patients and providing them with one month supply of medicine free of cost. We are also providing Ante-natal and post-natal care, treatment of diarrhea, childhood immunization and early treatment of minor ailments.

We are conducting health and medical camps, every day in one of the villages and throughout the month, our medical team does the follow-up regularly, as follow-up becomes the most important part of any health care programmes.

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