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Rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS Patients

As  per  WHO  reports,  India  is  currently  estimated  to  have  5.1 million people with  HIV/AIDS,   the   second  largest  number  after  South Africa.  According to Dr. Richard G.A. Feachem of Global Fund,  “ The  HIV/AIDS  epidemic  in India is extremely grave. The epidemic is rising rapidly and could soon get out of control.”

The prevalence of HIV infection in Andhra Pradesh is alarming with 50 per cent of the new patients being in the age group of 15 – 24.  Guntur district has achieved the dubious distinction of recording the maximum number of HIV/AIDS cases among pregnant women in the State of Andhra Pradesh. While the State average hovers around 2 per cent among pregnant women, Guntur district has surpassed the 3.5 per cent mark in HIV positive cases.

According to District Situation Analysis conducted by the Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society, irresponsible sexual practices, lack of awareness and poor socio-economical conditions are the reasons for the alarming situation in Guntur District.

Strategies for Prevention:

  • Education
  • Counseling
  • Behavior Modification
  • Screening of all blood donors




  • “To increase the level of awareness regarding HIV/AIDS among the people in the project area.”
  • “To identify potential migrants and provide them special sensitization about HIV/AIDS.”
  • “To provide testing facility for HIV/AIDS and provide ART medicines for the HIV/AIDS positive patients.”

“To provide rehabilitation through training in vocational courses to create earning opportunities for the HIV/AIDS positive patients to become self-reliant and self-sufficient.”

We are organizing regular awareness camps on HIV/AIDS in the villages and are sensitizing the people about the killer disease and also educating them, that although communicable disease among high risk individuals and eradicating the social stigma from their minds, this is not an easily communicable disease and making them understand to treat the HIV positive patients with love, care and positive attitude before it develops to AIDS. HIV is not a death sentence. Treatment can make a difference in tghe quality of life, as well as in the lenght of life expectancy.                                                  

We are conducting HIV/AIDS tests for the people in the villages and are providing regular ART drugs to the HIV positive patients along with nutritious food. We are also recommending highly degenerative cases to AIRTDS, Tenali for treatment.

Attitude is little thing
that makes a big difference
Winston Churchill
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Let us all join hands and work with the community in the battle against CANCER in India

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