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The future is not completely beyond our control

It is the work of our own hands

Robert F. Kennedy

Women Empowerment

We have been working for the upliftment and development of the people from SC, ST, and BC communities from 30 villages of Krishna district since 2006.

We started our work with the children belonging to target groups and community organization was the focal point of our work in the villages. The target groups were, educated and motivated to form into Sanghams, so that they can plan and work collectively for their upliftment and empowerment. The Sanghams provided a forum and means for discussions, decision making and action for all the activities to be implemented in the villages, aimed at raising people above the social and economic poverty line.

Subsequently, we decided to work on the development of women of these communities. A mother plays a vital role in the rural family. Therefore, capacitating the mother helps to buildup a healthy and a happy family. Most of the women from the target groups and illiterates are agricultural laborers. They find employment only during the agricultural season and are paid very meager wages. The low female literacy rate among the target women in the field of agriculture. Being women and of lower caste community. Self-esteem has been systematically crushed by the social system. But she has her economic strength. She is a worker, a producer of goods and services and she has the skill of her occupation. She has the experience of work and is issued to hard strenuous work. Her loyalty to the family and particularly children is another strong side of her. Her eagerness to learn and progress, if given opportunity, is also her strength. We decided to work on her strength and to draw out the human potential out of her so that human resource development takes place to the maximum sanghams and form into self help groups (SHGs) to work collectively and initiate income generation programme for their economic development.

Attitude is little thing
that makes a big difference
Winston Churchill
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Let us all join hands and work with the community in the battle against CANCER in India

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