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The future is not completely beyond our control

It is the work of our own hands

Robert F. Kennedy

Mobile Health Teams

The existing mobile health team consisting of a Doctor and Two Nurses and paramedical assistant will that, visit the villages periodically and conduct regular health checkups and also guide the CHWs and CHGs and monitor their work.   We have set some aims for the team which are the following. 

  • To guide the CHWs and organize training programmes.
  • To conduct health meetings with the CHGs and CHWs.
  • To conduct health education in the village.
  • To improve the standard of health in general.
  • To conduct clinics in the villages.
  • To conduct regular medical check-ups.
  • To arrange immunization and family planning camps in coordination with Government agencies.



Attitude is little thing
that makes a big difference
Winston Churchill
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Let us all join hands and work with the community in the battle against CANCER in India

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